The artist is:

A being who lives for his creative function.
A being that connects man with his evidence.
A being who gets involved with the source of beauty, harmony and life.
A being who is penetrated by the work.
A being impressed, pushed and absorbed by the intensity.
A being between his visions of the mind and of everyday life.
A being that is transformed by the creative experience.


Humanity has been guided by art in its multiple manifestations since the beginning of time.

We receive inquiries from national and international artists from the most diverse fields and give them a “medicine” that corresponds to the quality of their work.

We work with painters, sculptors, designers, film directors, composers, musicians, singers, disc jockeys, actors, innovators, dancers, photographers, writers … some with the paintbrush, others with the pencil, with their bodies or with the stones and all of them put their deep creative movement first before their livelihood.

The success in collaboration with artists drives us to write these lines

At the beginning of our work, the activation of health, the transformation of stress or support in a crisis were at the center of our attention. However, over time, we have realized that health is fueled by the enthusiasm of all areas of life that the artist radiates when influenced and absorbed by his work. We work together effectively, giving the artist the opportunity to approach his true purpose of life: being in the flow of creativity.

We thank all artists and their active participation. Many Thanks!!!


The creative lucidity

Art orients the human soul from its origin.

The flashes of creative imagination led religious leaders, politicians, doctors, and philosophers to search for the higher realities that their consciousness senses.

Art helps to regain, feel and perceive the intensity that pulsates in everything that surrounds us. We must maintain the intensity that gives us strength, imagination, ecstasy, and hope, harmony and experimentation.

Through art, we reach the connection and the flow within this order, which is the source of all creation, intensifies consciousness and opens our hearts to awakening.