About Marcel Vega

Marcel Vega collaborates for more than thirty-seven years with people and groups to improve their health conditions and the understanding of the development of their circumstances.
In 2007 he finds, in a fortuitous and inexplicable way, multi-pyramidal objectifiable forms that he later named as the Quantum Body (CC) and Paramorphogram (PM), and whose research has been giving rise to new aid modalities.

The Bioquantic Original (BO) Path and Professional Development

… born with the discovery of a new “territory” in nature and in the human being that we call the Bio Informative.

In 2007, the new era of Bio-Information applied to human health begins.it  harmonizes genetic, biochemical and psychological aspects, as well as putting the energetic body of the human being in flux and increasing its energy quantity and quality.

Webpage de Marcel Vega: www.marcelvega.com

Professional Path

Osteopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Naturopathy, Reflexology, Dietetics, Auricular medicine, Holoenergetics, Holographic Energy.

Master in NLP, Psychodrama, Research in Psychoanalysis.

Psychotherapist and Coach.

Diploma in Human Resources and Marketing.

Philosophy and Psychology Studies.

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