Holidays and Consciousness

9th Annual Meeting of Medicines and Quantum

from July 30th to August 2nd

This meeting brings together those who want to be up to date with research and professionals from various fields of health, education….

Information and Details about

Holidays and Consciousness

The Keys of Vacations and Consciousness

An opportunity to learn how to apply effective applications of quantum physics to health in just a few days.

1. Protocol

…accessible that puts significant results at your fingertips.

2. Methodology

Priorities and theoretical/practical collaborations.

Individual practices, in pairs and in small groups.

Exhibitions of complex cases. Real cases videos.

Times to share.

3. Experimentation

Checks of the bio information and the organic and energy level.

Discernments and questions that touch us.


4. Transformation

When thanks to practices, demonstrations, videos, pp etc … we understand:

The relations of the genetic with the epigenetic.

The relations of the physical with the emotional.

The relationships of vitality with our current relational moment.

The relationships of the individual with others and their reflection in their discomforts.

The crucial sense of the symptom and pain.

How the quantum body originates the electromagnetic and the meridians of acupuncture and chakras of Ayurveda.

How our mood cultivates viruses, bacteria etc …

… we are transforming consciousness.

5. Complementarity

Life is a unit of movement impossible to harmonize in its complexity for human beings.

The discovery of Bio-Information helps medicines and techniques with a complement far from human possibilities.

The rigorous protocol, the understanding of the Session Card and the precision of simple maneuvers that bring “what”, “the How” and “the When” guide the professional and the collaborator towards meanings that they needed to integrate into their lives.

Professional and collaborator advance in the respect, the value, the approach and the complementation between all the medicines for the good of all.

Human beings, thanks to the limitations, individual and specific to each culture, we find ways to implement new capacities and resources of the unlimited materialized in different medicines.

Future collaborators and friends await you at this Meeting.

News of the 9th Gilet Encounter

We are preparing the news of this 2018 meeting

We will meet us for the “The medicines and the quantum physics”, which can give hope with deep solutions that take into account the organism, the body, the mental and the transcendental, feeling at the same time how fast and effective the human being needs to be today. This is why it is essential to include in our therapeutic procedures the scientific level reached of this 21st century.

With Holidays and Consciousness, you will be up-to-date with the time of the investigations, since we show the advances taught in previous courses and latest news of these months



Who is it for?

To official medical professionals such as doctors, physiotherapists, nurses and assistants, and other clinical staff and hospitals. And other professional assistants in pregnancy and childbirth, as well as for companions in the final moments of life.


For professionals who care for children and the elderly with complex syndromes.


To professionals of complementary medicines such as homeopaths, osteopaths, kinesiologists, naturopaths, manual therapists, both physical and energetic, cranio-sacral, reflexologists, professionals of medicinal botany and floral essences, etc.


To professionals of millenarian energy medicines such as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Ayurvedic medicine. As well as the auricle medicine, holoenergetics, holographic energy and other currents arising from the research of Dr. Nogier, to update and add the treatment of the quantum and bioinformation with its depth and capacity for transformation to its energy treatments.


Professionals in psychiatry and psychoanalysis, psychotherapies in general and cognitive, psychodrama, speech therapists, occupational therapy, holotropic breathing, etc.


Professionals of NLP and coaching.


Professionals of creativity.


Professionals in the field of pedagogy, education in general, continuing education, etc.


Professional physicists, both theoretical and experimental so that they can experience for themselves that their background is possible to apply to health, psychotherapy, and art.

Professionals in the humanities such as History, Literature, Language, Arts, etc. so that their vision is contrasted with others that consider the human being as an indivisible whole that needs to be loved. People who want to experience satisfactory relationships and bonds and optimize their potential … and this in schools would require more time than any other subject! If you still want to live on a habitable planet!


Professionals of Science and of research there are in general many possibilities offered by the simple tests that we show to be applied both to professional research and to themselves.


* Those who have an interest in quantum, health, psychotherapy or art may also be interested even they have no professional background of health.


To complementary professionals such as osteopaths and other manual professionals, acupuncturists, homeopaths and naturopaths of different branches etc. so that they are trained in the identification and solution of anomalies of the Central Nervous System, such as the Corpus Callosum, the Reticular Formation, the frontal cortex, the Cerebral Fluid, etc.

These are dysfunctions that until now are not possible to solve by Neuroscience, and we have chosen those that are at the base of why there are currently so many strange dysfunctions since birth already, and in school situations in childhood and adolescence. We will learn to differentiate what is psychological from the structural brain and to treat both. Osteopaths and manual professionals will discover why there are certain discomforts in the hips, head and other joints that do not go away in spite of having made the correct maneuvers; the acupuncturists will find a system to treat the organic tissues that will notably complement their bioenergetic work, and they will understand to what it was due that being the correct energy they followed the annoyances in certain parts of the organism; In addition to discovering the aforementioned, homeopaths will notably increase the speed of their successes by accurately tracking the energy and other processes released by their doses.

It is possible that it is also addressed to you, or to you who are now reading and who are curious … on the other side we are looking to share and collaborate so that each person lives what they need to live, and where it is best for them and others. You know, we are part of the same great team. You, what do you play?



Place and Dates



From July 30th to August 2nd, 2017. Departure August 3rd.




In the “Monasterio Santo Espiríritu del Monte” in Gilet ,Valencia.

Located in the middle of nature, in a pine forest, you will find peace and a beautiful landscape, to walk and relax. The recently renovated hostel has comfortable rooms as well as reading and restrooms.

The monastery also has the Franciscan Library with a content of around 80,000 works with a total of 42 incunabula.

How to get there?

By car:

By Google Maps

From Valencia, there are buses to Gilet

Autobuses Herca

Tlf: 963 491 250

From Gilet you have to take the taxi to the monastery

Radio Taxi Sagunto: 962 66 00 10

Radio Taxi Puerto: 962  28 09 99


Web of Ayutantamiento de Gilet


Hours * (to be confirmed)

Monday 30th

10:00 Arrival at the center.

13:00 Time limit arrival at the center.

14:30 Lunch

15:30 Presentation of the 9th Holiday and Consciousness Meeting

Classrooms: Exhibition and practices

17:30 Coffee break (coffee, tea, juice and pasta)

20:30 End of exhibition and practices

21:00 Dinner

Tuesday 31st, Wednesday 1st, Thursday 2nd

08:15 Breakfast

09:00 Classrooms: Exhibition and practices

11:00 Coffee break (coffee, tea, juice and pasta)

13:30 Lunch

15:00 Classrooms: Exhibition and practices

17:15 Coffee break (coffee, tea, juice, and snacks)

19:00 End of exhibition and practices

20:30:00 Dinner

Friday 3

08:30 Breakfast.

All the participants in the course leave the rooms.